Legal services

Corporate law and M&A transactions

How to choose the right vehicle for your business in Bulgaria? Not so sure what is the most appropriate legal form of organisation to your business? LLC, Corporation or a BG branch of your existing company? Restructuring your business is a must?   You need an exit strategy? What are the options in Bulgaria?

We will give you our integrated advice on these issues and guide you through every step from company registration, current management services, restructuring, M&A and exits strategies.  Our hands-on approach when assessing the potential risks will prevent you from making costly mistakes and help you achieve a succesful acquistion.

Commercial contracts

The Bulgarian Civil law system is heavy influenced by Germanic and Roman law systems. As a Member State Bulgaria is binded by the acquis of the EU and the EU regulations and  by the result to be achieved by the EU directives. The result is a complex and everchanging legal framework for the commercial activities. Our advice covers all kinds of commercial agreements across sectors from simple purchase contracts to multiparty agreements and joint ventures. We prepare the necessary drafts for any business relations with customers, suppliers and partners in compliance with the applicabe law. The protection of our clients’ interest would remain incomplete if we were not able to handle also the negotiations, the business litigation and the dispute resolution.

Administrative& Tax

Unlike others, we believe that the tax litigation and administrative procedures should be handled by lawyers, and this is what our lawyers do:  

  • Representation at all levels from the lowest administrative jurisdiction to the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria

  • Advice at the audit level or at tax appeals upon your request. 

Labor & Employment

It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of Human resources in any organisation. Why ignore the everchanging Employment regulations then? Misinterpreted and incorrectly applied rules could lead to legal exposure and liability. We assess such mistakes to be unnecessarily costly. From recruitment to retirement our lawyers are ready to advise before HR related issues arise or escalate and if an Employment dispute occurs to represent your company at all levels.

Real estate

We provide advice on all property related issues from sale and purchase, to construction, spatial development, rentals, leases and condiminium.